B.H. La Forest

Shadow Comments


Amazon - Admitting to a lifetime of law enforcement experience, Mr. La Forest has managed to write a captivating tale to beat most of the best `actually never been there' writers. He knows his game and delivers to the reader the excitement wanted with the occasional respect and irreverence needed to make the story believable. The insider experience is obvious, but is used as a guide only and not allowed to interfere with a page turner that holds your attention, makes it personal, and doesn't disappoint at the last. I hope there is more where this came from. Lots of action. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1449043941/ref=cm_cr_asin_lnk

California - I must tell you, your book tugs right at my heart. In reading, I understand more than ever why I am a proud ATF agent! Tears swelled in my eyes and remain with a heavy heart when reading page 400, Kurtz' testimony He couldn't be, you couldn't be more right; that is most of us are which is what I LOVE about the job . . . Thank you!!

Michigan - To say I'm amused by this would be the understatement of the year. Whenever this is read ... and I'm certain it has been, the sphincter will slam shut, the eyes will squint, and the air will crackle with blue flame. Recovery will be difficult.

Florida - I'm into the book about 100 pages... It really reads well, keeps your interest, and has a great story.

Arizona - I finished the book yesterday. I want you to know that I really enjoyed it. The ending is great.

California - In reading the book, I recall you once telling me and [others] that we should have been cops or agents back in the day; you couldn't have been more right!

Michigan - Finished Shadow Partners the other day. Loved it!

Michigan - Great book! Thank you! The humor is decidedly cop to cop. Its amazing how many... It is especially meaningful with your autograph and message. Thanks.

North Carolina - I enjoyed reading all about the police situations and all about Detroit.You really have a talent there!!!

Arizona - Just received my new copy of 'Shadow Partners - a Law Enforcement Story' by Bernie La Forest, former DPD officer Would recommend the book to anyone . . . Enjoy and share with your 'COP' friends.

Michigan - I enjoy reading books with a good story that keeps the readers interest (me) from start to finish. Your book met all my criteria and I looked forward to reading it each day...

Virginia - I've been meaning to e-mail you and tell you that I finished 'Shadow Partners' last month. What a great ride! I especially enjoyed the way you developed the camaraderie and loyalty amongst the agents. That aspect of police work is rarely articulated, but is so important to what we do. I look forward to the sequel!!