B.H. La Forest

Lex Comments

            Tickle-The-Wire.com Interview: Ex-ATF official Bernie La Forest is at it again. The prolific La Forest has just knocked out his third mystery novel, “A Matter of Lex Talionis,” the story of a Lt. Andre de Avilés, who heads the Detroit Police Department’s Intel Squad.  To read the whole interview click on: Tickle-The-Wire.com

            MICHIGAN: I really enjoyed the Lt. de Aviles story and it was often hard to stop reading the book to go to sleep. You have the creative ability to put together an interesting story with different characters coming in and out with their own mini-stories. All the successful TV shows seem to follow a similar script. The first +/- 75 pages basically sets up the story and the characters. It is apparent that you know your trade and how it works and how it fails. This portion of the book is very informative. However I had trouble at times trying to understand and remember all the abbreviations for all the various agencies and cop language codes after a few pages later. (Reader missed the Glossary Resource Page.) However, I did all my reading at the end of the day sipping an adult beverage with classical music in the background – so this might be part of the problem.

            CALIFORNIA:  Bernie LaForest has 'done it again', another book with its setting in the world we all knew so well in Detroit.  The links below give you the necessary info if you're interested and having read his other works I would recommend this one too.

            ARIZONA:  I just finished your book. Not that you're other two weren't good but that was the best one. I really can see some screen writer possibly picking this one up. 

            COLORADO:  I enjoyed the book. It was hard to put down. Looking forward to the next one.

            FLORIDA:  Just finished your new book. Wow. No shortage of action here! By the rockets’ red glare.... Plenty of good guys, bad guys and worse, (everyone's most hated...) dirty cops. Good finish too. I'm not a book expert, but I know what I like, and I an ending that makes me feel good. I like tough guys (it's good to be young) who fall in love with beautiful women and then have to risk their lives to save them from the super bad villains. I especially like books with lots of what I like to call 'margin info'. That's all the little informative tidbits that gives a reader additional and interesting information about historic, geographic, political facts...even fashion comments or car facts. And especially weapons and equipment! Good stuff all. Makes the main fictional story much more interesting. Also makes one think the author knows what he's writing about. You did a lot of product research, history, and map reading! The author is certainly not a big fan of political correctness, political promotions, or stupid red tape and regulations. More than a hint of disgust for sycophants too.

            MICHIGAN: Finally finished your book, after all my interruptions.  Great job!  I feel Kurtz, Tana etc. are old friends.  I especially liked that little bit of humor, "William Conrad and the Pooch".  Keep writing!