B.H. La Forest

About Shadow Partners


Manfred Kurtz, Ray St. Giles, and Angelo Tana are Detroit Police Officers assigned to the same 10th Precinct scout-car. After a violent confrontation with militants seeking revenge against DPD, Detroit officials fail to support them against a politically charged press.

Their immediate supervisors confirm this fact, by quietly informing them that they face overwhelming odds in the future. Sergeant Wendell Locke explains that although the incident was not their fault, the City needs scapegoats.

Swearing in with ATF—a division of the IRS at the time, the three are stationed in different areas of the country. Ray St. Giles, is sent to West Virginia. Near the end of his probationary period, the young man commits a serious error in judgment. On his own initiative, the young man seeks to develop a criminal case using an unsanctioned source. After debriefing the informant, he decides to act on the information without backup from his fellow investigators.

  The following day, St. Giles' supervisor—Charles Nelson, is contacted by the West Virginia State Police. Captain Paul England is a close friend of the ATFD supervisor. The trooper requests Federal help investigating a fatal bombing incident. When England tells him that the crime scene is in a wooded area near Blakemore, Nelson suspects the crime may be linked to St. Giles's disappearance. It is! However, the search and rescue teams fail to find the missing agent.

Twelve years later, Ray's former partners are now in charge of the Michigan office of the Bureau Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Kurtz and Tana have been in their positions only a few months, and both are busy establishing a Task Force with Detroit Police. Wendell Locke is now the Chief of Detectives, and under pressure from politicians and the media. Locke appeals to the former DPD officers for help conducting an investigating of a string of bombing.

The character behind the scenes—the man orchestrating the political attack against ATF, is an elderly White House aide. From a position of power, this man secretly directs the remnants of a radical organization that fought a secret war with extremist anti-war groups in the 60's.

While the ATF Director tries to work within established protocols, Manfred Kurtz is suddenly made the focal point of political intrigue. Politicians allied with the White House Aide escalate the attack on ATF, while Angelo Tana and Joe Riddle begin their infiltration of the militant group's inner circle. Managing the judicial aspects of the conspiracy case, the Task Force is fortunate to have the expertise of Janet Evergreen, an Assistant United States Attorney. Janet must handle each aspect of the complex investigation carefully.