B.H. La Forest

About Lex Talionis


Lieutenant, Andre de Avilés is the hard-nosed boss in charge of Detroit PD’s Intel Squad. Born in Spain’s Basque Country, the forty-somethin’ detective’s style is a ‘balls-to-the-wall” boldness for suppressing organized crimes. His tenacious methods entail a variety of innovative strategies and tactics that have resulted in a number of well-publicized cases. Nevertheless, for every successful operation he and the squad have pulled off, de Avilés generated new enemies. Mostly, whispered threats came from members of the criminal gangs he and the Intel Squad had dismantled. When a couple sophisticated OCD families tossed out a smattering of bold protests, de Avilés only chuckled, “Not to worry, it’s all a part of the job.”

On the other hand, there were other dangers that were a little closer to home. These were his adversaries from inside his own department. A few were jealous of his honesty, integrity, and innate talent to lead dedicated detectives against the worst of the worst—and get the job done. Some resented the manner in which he recruited and treated squad members. All were handpicked and the cream of the crop. They drove the best UC vehicles and used state-of-the-art electronic gear . . . not from DPD . . . but borrowed from Feds who fought to work jointly. Not much went on in the Metro area that LT and the Intel detectives couldn’t find in their files.

Who set off a deadly explosion in Detroit's Mexican Town? While the war on terror rages, many believe it was the devious work of terrorists. Inquiries will lead investigators to Mexico, Canada—even the Basque Country of Spain. The acceptable—long-standing custom—of funding terrorist through substitution of contraband merchandises, is still alive and well. Smuggled or stolen shipments of tobacco products often finance terrorist operations and the purchase armaments and explosives. Although American-made cigarettes are not upscale opiates, they are definitely a sought-after commodity.

Former DPD officer Brian Culbert recently took over as ATF’s Agent in Charge in Detroit. The SAC is pleased to have an opportunity to again work with two of his long-time friends . . . Chief of Detectives Hugh St. Giles and Lt. Andre de Avilés. Andre is in charge of Detroit PD’s Intel Squad. His old friends are initially amused when the hard-nosed lieutenant teams up with a new ATF supervisor. Jocelyn Otxoa is a former police officer, an experienced ATF investigator, and a seasoned undercover operative. Besides being smart and savvy, she’s absolutely a stunning beauty. Accustomed to being in-charge . . . always a loner, de Avilés may have met his equal. Oddly, Jocelyn feels the same—especially after realizing they both share a common thread. Like herself, Andre emigrated from Spain, too.

Case momentum accelerates rapidly as Mexican cartels begin to snipe at each other, fighting to erase their competition. Former ETA assassins . . . in Basque Country and Quebec, try to reconstitute their renegade group. After stealing powerful Torpex explosives from World War II stockpiles in Britain, they are in the testing phase before their all-out assault on Spanish authorities. In America, the man from Quebec pressures his corrupt Federal sources—crooked government agents and supervisors, for goods and services not covered in their job descriptions.

Struggling to retain jurisdictional control of their case, Culbert and St. Giles call upon retired DPD, DEA, and ATF associates. That small group establishes alignments with military and investigative personnel in Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Canada. Covert operations are up-and-running within days.