B.H. La Forest

About Red Dragon's Shadow


Around the country, local law enforcement agencies are busy investigating the ambush that occurred in their jurisdiction. So, no reason existed to suspect a relationship to other incidents around the U.S. When she chances upon a similar incident in Detroit, AUSA Janet Evergreen misses being killed by seconds. Although she had not witnessed the actual assassination, she did take note of the driver of a getaway vehicle. Regrettably ... the stunned man had immediately recognized Janet.

The ATF/DPD Task Force members become involved after another source reveals facts about other murders. ATF agents and DPD officers again begin work on what first appears as a simple case. Far from being an elementary, the men and women will become embroiled in political corruption,  murder, firearms trafficking and the first (ALPHA) strike against America by a determined terrorist organization.

China wants to make inroads into America's love of guns through established firearms' importation procedures. However, the legitimate effort has been subverted by new adversaries from China. Led by a Chinese colonel from the People's Liberation Army and a cabal, consisting of a select group of military and political members of China's elite, a subplot surfaces. Alliances and treacherous activities will quickly pit radical Muslims from Iran, Iraq and China, against Kurtz, the Task Force and Chinese investigators with similar credentials as ATF.

Before long, the race is on to identify and neutralize the terrorist group responsible for many dead Americans. Law enforcement agencies are stymied about the structure of the group, and just where they might strike again. In a bizarre turn of events, ATF becomes the number one target of criticism from all sides of the firearms' issues and is blamed for the attacks.

With the ATF/DPD Task Force morale wavering — even with promising leads in hand, the Director of another agency decides ATF is mortally wounded. He calculates that the time is right to scrape up the tidbits developed by the Task Force. His agency identified what the group's acronym stands for, and intends to parlay what he has a chance for significant publicity. Even so, the Director might not have all of the information he requires for success or does he?

Faced with relinquishing the investigation, Manfred Kurtz and Angelo Tana receive a lifeline. Tossed to them by one of China’s investigators, Colonel Mozi Zemin has come across information vital to the Task Force. However, Kurtz and Tana must travel to Hong Kong where they race to intercept a shipment of weapons of mass destruction.