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Detroit PD 62
As an author, I have relied on my experiences as a police officer, special agent, supervisor, and manager in my chosen profession. My first three novels take place in many of the localities where I began my career in the profession in 1962—as a Detroit Police Officer. Detroit is my hometown and the city where I served as a uniformed law enforcement officer and Federal agent.

Nine years later, I became an Investigator with Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. Charleston, West Virginia would be the first of thirteen assignments that required a transfer. Firearm and Explosive's crimes were rapidly surpassing moonshine violations in West Virginia, which necessitated redeployments. After enactment of the Explosives Control Act, I transferred to Los Angeles California as a member of ATF's new Bomb Scene Investigation Team.

Promotion to the Resident Agent in Charge in Phoenix was my first position in supervision. A little more than two years later, I was back in Los Angeles as the Metro Squad supervisor. Following a transfer to Washington, D.C., I eventually served as the Special Agent in Charge in New Orleans, Kansas City, Detroit, Phoenix, and Los Angeles — where I retired in 1998.                                                                                    

B.H. La Forest

My membership in the Senior Executive Service (SES) helped me accrue broad exposure to other branches of government. Understanding the workings of Congress, CIA, Customs, IRS, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, INS, Border Patrol and the Departments of Treasury, State, and Justice ... helped provided me great source material after retirement in 1968.1998.

Recruited by ATF as a contractor in 2000, I later and served in that position between 2001 and 2007. The task concerned the development and implementation of a detailed method for the close examination and evaluation of all crime gun traces in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Thousands of referrals went to ATF offices and other enforcement agencies in America and foreign countries. Those investigative leads dealt with falsified gun purchases, domestic and international trafficking in guns, as well as narcotics’ interdiction, terrorism, and many additional violent crimes.

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